More time, and less time

My alarm goes off at the same time. I have more time to dally around in the morning, if I choose. I am at school, ready to work, at the same time as previously - except now I go into the other room by 7 am, not have to leave the house by 6 am to be ready.

I can take a break in the middle of the day. If I do, I am sure to have someone call and interrupt, so actually leaving the house for anything is out of the question, even without the social distancing and lockdown orders.

People have odd schedules. My students are sleeping later. In order to finish up with them, and with all the extra work (like training during our “free” time) I find myself putting in longer days than before.

Overall, my schedule is a little more flexible, I don’t have travel time, but I think I am spending just as much time, or more, as before. Him him him

Working from home does have it’s drawbacks. Namely doing more work because you don’t have that travel break. But even with that it’s important to set time limits for ones self.

Might be a good idea to track the time spent working to see. Keep tabs on it and all and see if it really is more time or if just feels like it.

Your a teacher???¿?

Yep. This is my last year as a high school teacher.